Sri Lanka Colombo

Our first day of our holiday was a very sunny and productive one! After scrambling through Mumbai airport at 2am (nearly missing our connecting flight to Colombo) we arrived at the hostel at 8am. Despite our lack of sleep we did not let that stop us from enjoying our first day.

Walked through the Vihara Mahadevi park and came across a load of bats hanging from trees despite it being broad daylight. We also visited 2 temples Geira and Gangarariaya before heading back for a well deserved nap.

After waking from our slumber, we headed out to eat, and managed to find a locals restaurant serving two amazing meals for under £2 between us.

Day two started in a more leisurely fashion after a lovely breakfast (Tom had curry for breakfast!) we walked to Fort, taking in the lovely shops that we can no longer afford. After a cheap and cheerful tea the night before we decided to head back to our new favourite restaurant. The day menu differs from the night and there seemed to be a language barrier due to our inability to speak anything other than poor English. We ordered fish curry, but ended up with a surprise – one portion consisted of a small chunk of cold dried fish covered in cold sauce. Whilst food poisoning loomed, Tom didn’t hesitate to order my portion without any consultation, as you can imagine mine was untouched. Tom ate his and is still alive to tell the tale – just.


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