Sri Lanka Hikkaduwa

Day 3 we took the train to Hikkaduwa, a beach town further down the coast. The train journey itself was so much fun. As the train was full we had to stand between carriages, as the doors didn’t shut we are able to poke our heads out of the door.

Upon arriving we quickly dropped our bags at the homestay where we were staying. This was a families home with about 3 bedrooms that they rented out. We then headed in to town to sort out the PADI course se were starting the next day with Poseidon Diving School. After signing our life away we headed to the beach to enjoy our first Sri Lankan beach. Tea was vegetable and chicken Roty, which was almost like a filled pancake – delicious!

Diving and being able to breather underwater was the most surreal feeling for both of us. At first it felt so unnatural and almost claustrophobic, but we soon got used to the idea. The first 2 days involved the theory and putting skills into practice such as pretending we have no air, replacing our eye mask, breathing and swimming with no eye mask (which is a lot harder than we both thought as you automatically want to breathe through your nose!) and how to deal with any problems that may occur whilst diving. Day 3 we went on a real dive to 10m, this was great as we got to dive between coral and rocks and saw some great fish!

On our final day we did a 21m and 15m wreck dive. These were by far the best dives as we could just enjoy them and didn’t need to show many skills! We don’t quite have the technique yet but we are getting there. Hope to do mare dives later in the trip.




4 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Hikkaduwa

  1. Love hearing all your news, well dne n the diving course, the two of you are fab, keep s posted, our life us very tame compared with yours, enjoy. Love gran and gramps x x


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