Sri Lanka Ella

We took the short trip from Mirissa to Ella, only two tuk tuks, two buses, a train and a 3km uphill walk in heat with our full backpacks on and we were at our guesthouse. We were met by the host Migara who was amazing. He whipped us up a meal of fried noodles and we sat looking over the Jurrassic Park-esque scenery. We spent the next two days climbing up mini-mountains, firstly Small Adam’s Peak, then the following day we tackled Ella Rock – this second climb having the added challenge of a completely made up route (the Tom Gausden path up Ella Rock – not recommended!). We also had time to go to the Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory. We were given the tour of the working factory (unfortunately there is no production on a Monday, but a team are still in packaging) by the biggest tea enthusiast we’ve ever met! This was followed off by a tea tasting session, all four of which were delicious.

Alongside climbing and tea, we had some amazing curries. We had a platter of beetroot, cabbage, squash and fish curries served by Migara at the Blue Peacock guesthouse where we were staying as well as another vegetable curry platter in the town, including a breadfruit curry which was exceptional. We’re said to say bye to Ella with all its lush mountainous landscapes and relaxing atmosphere.



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