Sri Lanka Unawatuna 

A quick 15 minute tuk tuk journey brought us to Unawatuna the next beach town along the coast. We explored the main beach in the evening which was lined with nice restaurants covered in fairy lights. We treated ourselves to an expensive meal for us costing around £10 for both of us! 

The next day was our first beach day, we went to jungle beach as we had heard from other people it was amazing. A long and hot 30 minute walk led us to a rocky path down to beach covered with trees – hence the jungle beach. As we were walking we heard a rustle in the trees and found a family of monkeys swinging around! They were really tame and came over to us when we took a picture and even let people feed them on the beach!

The beach itself was idyllic, no umbrellas or parasols, just a small spit of sand surrounded by trees and a current less cove of sea – a lovely place to spend a beach day!


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