Sri Lanka Mirissa

We caught a train from Unawatuna to Mirissa, yet another picturesque journey costing about £0.40 for both of us. It’s puzzling why the guide books seem to try persuade you to use buses when the trains are so good and cheap. The following day we woke up bright and early, well early at 5am before the sun was up, to go whale watching. We’d opted for Whale Watching Club and upon arrival we were greeted with the sweetest cup of tea, the perfect concoction to wake us up. We sailed for about an hour before we saw the first jet of water spray into the sky – our first Blue Whale sighting. We sceptically assumed that this would be as close as we got, but the boat soon switched off it’s engine, seemingly enticing the whale to come closer. Several jets later and the whale was about 10m from the boat, we could see the full expanse of it’s back as it emerged from the water. After several appearances, the whale launched it’s tail into the air before submerging to greater depths. What an amazing sight! The day continued like this as we spotted another two blue whales, the only difference being the fleet of boats that had now joined us. Our boat and crew always seemed one step ahead of the other boats, and also showed a great deal more respect and care towards the whales. Unbelievably this wasn’t even the end of the trip, as the other boats swarmed the whales the boat moved further out to sea to go to the locals fishing boats. We were told that the fisherman followed dolphins as they cohabited with the yellow fin tuna. Again the crew showed us three dolphins in the distance and we believed that that was the best we were going to get – again we were wrong! Within five minutes there were hundreds, if not thousands of dolphins, diving in and out of the sea, and again we were a matter of metres away from them. Lucy nearly cried with happiness as clusters of spinner dolphins popped in and out of the water next to us (the only thing stopping her was the fear of looking ridiculous as she was sporting a bright red cap).

After such a wonderful experience, we took to the beach to celebrate with an ice cold Lion lager on a sun lounger – what an amazing day!



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