Sri Lanka Kandy


After a tiring climb up Adam’s Peak -and subsequent bus and train journeys from Dalhousie and Hatton, we were in need of a bit of pampering. This is exactly what we received upon our arrival in Kandy, as were we greeted by Nimal, our AirBnB host for the next four nights. Upon arrival at his home, we were greeted with tea and a variety of snacks as well as being introduced to his lovely wife and excitedly greeted by the family dog.
Over the next few days we explored Kandy and surrounding historical areas. We walked around the beautiful lake in the centre, saw a Kandyan dance show (which everyone seemed to insist on us seeing!) witnessed a Buddhist ceremony and saw the sacred tooth of Buddha within a temple.
We also explored the surrounding area of Dambulla in order to see the to cave temples which were pretty impressive. They were surrounded with monkeys which were very sweet as many were babies. The next day we traveled to the rock fortress Sigiriya. We decide to hire bikes as there was a lot of land and rivers to cycle around and were presented with 2 tiny and rusty bikes. As we were cycling on our wobbley bikes Tom spotted a crocodile in the water. We climbed up a neighbouring rock t the famous Sigiriya as it meant we

Could get a good view of Sigiriya (as well as being way cheaper) the view from the top was great and we were proud of our money saving tactics!
That night back in Kandy we ventured to find a bar to get some beer which is very rare to find in Sri Lanka. We walked into what looked like an average bar only to be rushed out and shown to the tourist bar upstairs which was very odd!
As Kandy was our last stop on Sri Lanka we were very sad to leave as we had loved every part of the country!




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