India Trivandrum

Entry in to India was a very stressful one. Upon presenting Lucy’s passport and visa in order to check in at 12 for the flight at 3am she was informed that she needed proof of leaving the country which she did not have! As Tom was accidentally given a year long visa he luckily did not need this. Luckily we were early for the flight so after 2 hours on using the slow airport wifi and getting no where, it was mum and dad to the rescue who were able to book a flight to Kuala Lumpa at the last minute as check in was closing and we were threatened not to be let on the flight! The flights itself was only 35 mins and we enjoyed a well deserved complimentary beer and sandwich.
We stayed a night in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerela, to refuel before heading to Cochin. The city was very busy and not really built for tourists as there wasn’t too much to see. We spent the majority of the day trying to work out the extensive and confusing train reservation system which involved an lot of queuing and forms to fill out! Finally we booked our train for the next day.


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