India Jodphur 

Jodphur was by far the hottest place we had visited so far. We stayed right in the centre of the town near the clock tower. It was a pretty manic place with loads of markets and a winding maze of streets which led to the Fort. Which is where the start of Batman was filmed! We walked up to the fort and learned all about the Rajasthani Royal Family whilst admiring the view of the blue city from the top. We also decided to do a cooking course, which was Lucy and Tom at a family home with the grandma teaching us how to make Dahl, chapattis, a rice dish and chai tea. The family were lovely and had 2 daughters who were translating the recipes in to English for us.
Unfortunately Lucy had heatstroke so couldn’t enjoy the food, but the family were so welcoming that they put Lucy up in their ac room and kept checking on her. Despite the illness, the experience was incredible and whilst we weren’t able to eat with the family, we left with a tiffin box full of goodies for Tom’s tea.


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