Following a heat stroke ridden last day in Jodhpur, it was Tom’s turn to be ill! The first day was spent with Lucy enjoying the ac hostel room, returning to strength. Day two was spent with Tom being ill, a day delay to Lucy’s illness! Illness aside, Pushkar was a lovely place, a little winding town with shops and stalls surrounding a religious lake. The population was 50:50 tourists to locals, with a large proportion of the tourist population having found themselves – hareem trousers, vests with Hindu symbolism, and spiritual tattoos were a plenty!
The other highlights from Pushkar included the Brahma temple, which is one of the few in India, a lovely temple with a modest interior, and the gurudwara which provided further peacefulness and tranquility to our trip.
A serene walk around the lake watching people bath and pray, was only topped by the same view at sunset with our new found friend Mohit – a guy from Jaipur who we met at the Zostel who offered us a lift from Pushkar to Jaipur for free!

He also invited us to his friends wedding on the 28th April! Sadly we would be in Nepal so couldn’t attend so Lucy will have to find another occasion to wear a Sari!


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