The pink city, well terracotta city. We arrived in style in an ac car with Mohit. The capital of Rajasthan was pretty impressive, the old town sprawling, especially from the top of the Tiger Fort which we were staying next to. The buildings were grand across the place, especially the Royal Albert museum through the gateway and the Amer Fort, again another magnificent Rajasthani fort.
Tom’s highlight was the monkey temple, a temple for Ganesh, but with a dense monkey population. The monkeys ran around and even utilised their own pool, including swimming and diving from pillars of fifteen feet. They were so tame, the only thing that could get a wild response from them was food – bananas and cucumbers caused quite the stir.
Our trip in Jaipur was complete with a night at Choki Dhani, a recommendation made by Mohit (who joined us for our final day in Jaipur). This is a village type resort dedicated to small villages in Rajasthan, showcasing magic, dancing, tight rope walking, pottery alongside traditional food served in a thali. This place was incredible, it was a tourist attraction aimed at Indian rather than international tourists, the magician only spoke Hindi, and the food was definitely not tamed down! It was the most heavily spiced food we’d eaten – especially the gutta curry (dumplings made from gram flour).
Jaipur was amazing, but hot, we were ready to escape the Rajasthan heat and make our way to Agra.




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