A 4 hour luxurious train journey took us to Agra. This was very different to the lowest class train we were used to and included food and drink service to your seat for free! We went straight to our hostel and spent the day planning our flight to Nepal and Leh – a more taxing activity than we’d envisaged. That evening we walked out to try sneak a peak at the Taj Mahal which was a 15 minute walk away but due to the large wall circling the perimeter we couldn’t see much. We did however go on a boat on the river at the back of the Taj Mahal at sunset which was beautiful, despite the clouds.
The next day we arrived at the Taj Mahal at 6am to see it in the best light at sunrise. It was a pretty magical building and we couldn’t really believe we were seeing it in person! The grounds were immaculately kept and the building looked so white. The temperature was a lot cooler at that time which made it more enjoyable. The gardens and surrounding buildings were immaculate, often over shadowed by the Taj Mahal! We had no idea of where we were going that day so we finally decided on Dehli and hoped on a bus.



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