India Amritsar

Amritsar is home to the most famous Gurudwara, The Golden Temple. It is situated in the centre of a large lake with grand white building surrounding it. It is a very peaceful and beautiful place that Tom and i were both taken aback by. We visited every day of our stay in Amritsar. Gurudwaras also provide food to anyone and everyone that turns up, 3 times a day, we had heard great things about the food and experience so on our last day we decided to eat lunch here. We donated some money as we are exactly the needy and followed the massive crowd of people to the dining hall. We were handed a plate and spoon before joining the large queue. The hall itself was massive, full of people sitting in large lines on the floor and volunteers rushing around handing out more food.As soon as everyone had finished we were hearded in.As soon as our row had sat down people rushed down the isle, filling our plates with Dhal, Chapattis, rice and Kheer (an Indian rice pudding desert). As soon as we had finished any element of the meal our fellow diners were alerting the volunteers to give us more, by the end we had a full massive plate of Kheer to finish! Wasting food was not an option here. As we left we saw the masses of volunteers preparing the vegetables for the meals.

We also visited the India- Pakistani border as the crossing shut to witness the massive parade and celebrations that went on. We were dropped off by the side of a busy road and told to walk straight down. It all seemed very surreal and we had no idea what we had let ourselves in for! Soon 2 large lines for ladies and men appeared so we joined them, quickly loosing each other as the ladies line moved a lot faster. We finally met up again and were hearded in to a large stadium which we were no expecting. A large gate separated the 2 countries with another large stadium on the Pakistani side. Then the show began which consisted of men doing daredevil like stunts which got more and more drastic. Stunts such as dancing with swords and fire dancing which turned into setting themselves on fire, driving a car over each other and breaking coconuts in half next to someone’s head with an axe whilst blindfolded! Once the show was over the music and dancing by the crowd began and the formal procession began as people cheered as India marched towards the gate. The whole experience was so surreal yet great!

The town of Amritsar was lovely and the serenity of the Golden temple made it a very peaceful place to spend a few days.





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