Thailand Bangkok

Another hectic flight connection at Delhi too us to Bangkok the 3 hour flight included free drinks and films so we were very happy! Arriving in Bangkok we decided to get a taxi to our guesthouse which was slightly out of town in a nice residential area. We could see all the sky scrapers and many illuminated billboards al the way and was very different than what we had been used to for the past 2 months! We arrived at our guesthouse and quickly went out to get food from one of the street restaurants we had seen. None had menus or anyone who really spoke English so after some pointing we got a pork stir fry and Tom Yum Goong. Both meals were incredible and what I had been looking forward to about Thailand! The next day we walked down the river to the Grand Palace and explored the Uni and surrounding wry nice areas of Bangkok. Tom was surprised by how nice it was and was not the seedy place he had heard about. We ate lots of snacks from the many street vendors and wandered around the river area. We had a drink in a shop come bar come KTV which was quite amusing. We then visited the giant swing and Wat Surat. We got the river boat back up the river in the evening which was great fun.
The next day we headed to the Grand Palace which was a beautiful and very impressive site. The Emerald Buddha is housed here which is a small Buddha made of jade on a large golden platform. The Kings body is still in the Grand Palace and will be here for a year after his death, many people were lined up in black in order to pay their respects.
We had really liked Bangkok and I was pleased I had managed to change Toms mind about it!



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