Cambodia Siem Reap

We got a bus out of Bangkok to Siem Riep. As we would be here for Lucys birthday we got a slightly nicer hotel than usual which had a pool! Upon arriving it was nothing like we had expected! Streets lined with neon lights and tourist bars leading to the Main Street called pub street. After a few beers we were in the spirit and ended up at a mobile bar where you play your own music. We gathered a crowd for a while before our playlist slowly got worse.

We thought we would do Angkor Wat over the next 2 days, but upon arriving we found out the price had doubled and was now $37 a day! As it was nearly 12 and the idea of doing a full day was lost we decided to head home and start a full day the next day. This meant we got an afternoon by the pool which Lucy was very happy about! We discovered the locals area in the afternoon ending up with us having some beers and playing drinking games with some locals. We called it a day after 2 beers! In the evening we ate at a make your own soup style restaurant. It was always packed so we knew it must be good! You were given a stove and all the ingredients to make a noodle soup and slowly added them into this big pot. It was really fun and very tasty!
Our real day in Angkor Wat started at 7am and finished at 5pm! We saw 10+ temples in the day and felt like we had done it justice! The temples were Incredible, some were Indiana Jones style maze like places and others more impressive from the outside as a large structure. The whole area had many smaller temples and beautiful bridges and lakes and ponds which are overlooked by the main and more impressive temples. Toms favourite was Bayon whilst Lucy’s was Ta Prohm but it was actually hard to chose. There are loads of photos attached which don’t really do it justice!
The next day was Lucy’s birthday. Tom had been plotting a few surprises including a massage and a day of cocktails by the pool ending with a lovely meal. She felt very pampered.


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