Cambodia Battambang

A relatively quick bus journey and we arrived in Battambang to blazing heat. The town was quite quaint and nice with a river running through the middle of it. We spent the first day exploring the town and staying away from the hostel which had an odd smell in the rooms and a strange vibe, as the people running it sat and drank all day. We saw a temple and enjoyed a beer by the riverside as well as baguette sandwiches with three types of meat, each meat fattier than the last.
Day two was a full blown day of exploring. We had a tour with Peter, a Cambodian guy we’d met at the bus station the day before. The tour included a rice wine distillery, where we had a rice wine with a bee and a massive spider in it! It was used as a medicine and was meant to make your stronger! It was definitely very strong! Cambodians eat these with frogs and of course we tried one as our driver tucked into many! They were surprisingly nice! We visited our first killing field and memorial stupa filled with the bones and skulls of those killed here that had been found. It was very moving and left us upset, confused and perplexed as to how people could do such atrocious things to one another. We also went on the bamboo train which was incredible. We had our own train which felt like riding on a magic carpet as we made the short journey to a neighbouring village and back. The views over the rice fields and the wonky rail tracks made for a very scenic roller coaster ride. Our final stop of the day was the caves! After climbing the mountain that housed the killing caves with memorial stupas and temples (again a shocking sight for us) we were in prime place to watch six million bats leave the caves at the same time and then snake across the sky as they all stayed together going in the same direction.






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