Cambodia Phnom Penh

Having enjoyed the rurality of Battambang we were ready to hit the big city. After a bumpy bus journey we arrived and took in the place. Food stalls, iced coffee stands and interesting shops surrounded our hostel. We had a mixed few days here, two of which were dedicated to learning more about the Khmer Rouge era in Cambodia, including the killing fields and S-21 the former torture prison setup under Pol Pot. We can’t convey the shock, horror, depression, disgust, bewilderment and confusion throughout and after each visit.
Alongside the history we also enjoyed a number of beers by the water front, explored the town and ate delicious food including the freshest noodles at David’s where we actually sat watching them knead the dough, stretch out the noodles and briefly boil them. Thirty seconds after this process was complete the noodles were in front of us! We had also arrived in Phnom Penh on the King’s birthday and as such there were masses of people outside of the lit up palace, enjoying food and drinks and generally celebrating.We ate at Dine in the Dark, a restaurant where you ate in pitch black. The blind waiter helped us to our table and expertly served us all night. We enjoyed the guesswork associated with each dish, and the difficulties of eating without sight. The food was incredible, the cocktails strong and the wine a reminder of what’s been missing on our trip so far. Following the meal we found a little French bar looking over the palace where we had pastis and more wine whilst ending up talking to the owner about the current political situation in France!




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