Cambodia Kratie

Kratie is home to the rate Irrawaddy dolphin which was our main reason to visit. It sits on the Mekong river which run through Cambodia and into Vietnam but the dolphins are only mainly found in a small patch 15km away from Kratie in Kampi. Our guesthouse was on the river front and had an amazing view of a massive thunder storm one night! The town of Kratie was very small with a market and lots of street food including BBQ baby bananas! We met a French and a German girl at our hostel and we all decided to see the Dolphins the next day. We got to the habour at 8.30, early enough to miss the busy rush and were led to a tiny boat. There were only about 2 other boats on the lake so we were happy not to scare the Dolphins with too many motors. Before long we saw our first dolphin fin come slightly out of the water. They did not come out of the water very much so it was hard to get a picture of them in full! We did see their flat nose and clumsy jumps, not like the elegant Spinner dolphins in Sri Lanka! It was fun spotting them and some got pretty close to the boat which was great! There are now only 25 Irrawaddy Dolphins left here, many were killed by the Khmer Rouge.
On our way back to the hostel we stopped at a temple high on a hill with a great view. As we were walking up the stairs we saw a snake climbing the stairs too, as well as many red centipedes and millipedes!
That afternoon we all got the boat to the rural island in the middle of the Mekong river, Koh Trong, and hired bikes to cycle around it. It was very rural with mainly rice paddies as well as a

which was pretty crazy! As we were cycling we saw our 2nd snake of the day. A massive black snake crossed the road in front of us. This was followed by Tom almost stepping on another snake as we went down to the small beach. We were invited into an English lesson for the kids on the island which was quite a surreal experience as we attempted to show kids how English sounds (hopefully there will be a load of kids on the island that all speak English with a slight Yorkshire accent).





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