Vietnam Hoi An

We arrived into Hoi An at 7am after a sleeper bus to a massive thunder storm! We got a taxi to the homestay we were staying at and sheltered until it finally stopped! We were staying just a few minutes from the beach so went to explore until our room was ready. As it was still a cloudy day we borrowed bikes from the homestay and cycled the 5km into Hoi An centre. We stopped at a nearby restaurant for some lunch which was soon to be our favourite pit stop, selling the freshest seafood for pennies. They also made the best iced coffees with a 50/50 coffee to condensed milk ratio.

Hoi An centre was a beautiful French style town. The quaint yellow buildings lined the water front and resturants and bars were everywhere. We treated ourselves to a craft beer from Pasteur street brewing which Tom had been eyeing up for a while!

By night Hoi An turned into something quite different with rows of lucky lucky sellers and neon lights appearing everywhere! We quickly cycled back home battling the crazy traffic en route!

The next two days were beach days much to Lucy’s delight. An Bang beach was very quiet with white sands and a beautiful blue sea. The nearby bar kept us well watered with plenty of cheap beer much to Tom’s delight. We cycled back into Hoi An centre that night to look at whether to get anything tailor made. Lucy was eyeing up a silk dress, but after much thought and walking around many tailors we decided against the idea. That night we sat on tiny chairs and ate Cau Lau a popular dish in Hoi An, which was amazing – proof of Tom’s theory that tiny chairs at a place meant delicious food!

Another day in the sun and we were itching to explore the endless beaches. We set off walking down the beach early afternoon before stumbling upon a small bar on the beach which set us up nicely for the afternoon drinking ice cold beer whilst playing endless games of cards. Before long the sea was full of local kids with their life jackets on playing in the sea and eating from the nearby beach cafe. The sunset was stunning and made us realise we should probably have set off back home hours ago! After an extensive walk along the beach, looking at the night time squid fisherman, we realised we had walked past home ages ago! This turned the peaceful walk home into quite a trek! We also thought this would be the perfect time to try durian ice cream. Durian is a local fruit which is meant to smell awful but taste amazing, it is also pretty expensive! We excitedly tried some only to find it truly disgusting, tasting almost like sulphuric gas! Tom reluctantly ate it not wanting to waste food, a decision that was instantly regretted. Our interest in Durian was now abolished!

We left early the next day for our short trip to Hue feeling abit worse for wear after all our beach beers!



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