Vietnam Nha Trang

Due to the bus connections, we got to stop off in Nha Trang for 24 hours. What better way to pass the time then go for a dive! We arrived in the evening ready to take in the sights of a beautiful seaside town, only to be reminded of Blackpool mixed with Russian tourists. The neon lights, bustling markets and blaring music a reminder as to why Nha Trang wasn’t originally on the plan for Vietnam. This aside, we met our diving guide, a friendly Aussie called Cal, who took us for some local food of quails egg quiche-like things, mini pancakes with squid and prawns, both of which we dunked in a sauce of chives, fish sauce and chilli. Beautiful, tasty, fresh treats for pennies! This culinary adventure prompted the theory that the smaller the chairs associated with a food place, the better the food as we both towered over the tiny stools and tables at both of these street food stalls. 
The next day we were ready to dive, and made our way to the harbour with a small group of Russians sharing the boat with us. The diving was incredible, the water had greater visibility compared to Sri Lanka, with smaller creatures the main attraction. We saw bright, sprawling coral, lion fish, puffa fish, bright blue starfish (not called fish anymore, but we can’t remember the new name), pipe fish and strange molluscs that looked like peacocks. Along with these we saw strange anemones with huge black intimidating spikes, and the same peacock patterns for a central ‘eye’. The first dive was full of flapping and poor technique as we remember how to swim without using our hands, and how to keep buoyant. After helpful tips from Cal the second dive was a vast improvement as we swam through five or six caves, with minimal arm flapping and more control of ourselves (preventing us playing dodgems with the rocks and coral). 
After a busy day, which included an incredible lunch cooked in the tiniest kitchen on board, we relaxed by the sea. We ended up at a beach bar with a pool enjoying some locally brewed beer to satisfy Tom’s beer hobby/alcoholism, and trying an odd warm yoghurt with a warm ginger syrup as we walked up the beach.
For a convenient stop off on our bus journey, this trip worked out rather well, and we settled in to our bus ride to Hoi An on our first sleeper bus of Vietnam. The semi sleeper chairs gave enough leg room for a miniature size person making it an interesting nights sleep for Tom!


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