Vietnam Hue

The bus schedule let us have a day in Hue, another cute little town on the Vietnamese coast. We arrived in sweltering heat, but unlike Hoi An, we were not based on the beach so were exposed to the pummelling sunshine. At this point you can tell that we’d been spoiled by great weather for the most part of our holiday when we complain about the heat. Despite the heat, we had a lovely potter around the streets of Hue, walking across the river to walk around the historic centre and taking refuge in an air conditioned coffee shop. Hue was beautiful, with a river running through the middle, but without too much to do we became glutinous. Throughout our stay we drank iced Vietnamese coffees like pros (each one having condensed milk in it), ate condensed milk based treats and scoffed snacks ranging from fried rice (cooked in a different way which left some rice puffed and some firm, the result being delicious), thick glass noodles with a sticky sweet sauce, fish shaped waffles to fried fish and chicken balls. Hue was a picturesque place just to walk around, relax and sweat!






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