Vietnam Cat Ba

A bus, a boat and a bus later and we were in our room looking out over the beautiful habour! We had managed to book a bargain room run by a lovely man with an unbelievable view across Cat Ba. We enjoyed the waterfront, more fresh beer, before settling into more market delights, this time vegetables, fish and tofu. An analogy that we’ve overused, but the boat trip around Cat Ba bay and Halong Bay reminded us of Jurassic park! We sailed around, looking at island upon island of uninhabited greenery without another boat in sight! We bumped into people as we stopped to kayak and managed to have some pre-lunch bay beers as we went through caverns and caves enjoying more serene sights and eve finding a little cove without anyone else there! The day continued in this vain as we somehow sailed into a cove for lunch, concealing the entrance that we’d taken meaning that we were surrounded by a tropical paradise! Lunch was delicious and the whole day was just incredible, one of the best things we’d done throughout this holiday! The tranquility, the kayaking, the scenery, the weather, the boat – we couldn’t have asked for a better day!


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