Colombia Bogotá

We both fell in love with Colombia as soon as we got to Bogotá. The cobbled streets of La Candelaria, the area we were staying, and the mountainous backdrop made it very picturesque. The weather however was very much like England, cold and rainy, which we weren’t so happy about! We spent our first jet lagged day wandering around the cobbled streets and frantically trying to learn Spanish, Google translating every word we saw! The people were so friendly and helpful when we asked if our pronunciation was correct or how to say something. There were many bars and restaurants with a variety of food. And many Menu de la Dias (menu of the day) which would be a soup followed by a meat, rice, plantain and salad and sometimes a desert aswell! These were the cheapest way to eat and you always got something a bit different. It was so nice to be able to eat fruit and vegetables again after our junk food diet in LA!
We did a free walking tour where we learnt so much about the history of Bogotá and Colombia and how they are trying to get rid of the stigma of being the drug capital.
Bogotá is also full museums, we voted the gold museum and the artist Botero museum. (Enough museums for 1 day!) There is a large church on a mountain 500m above Bogotá so around 3,000m above sea level. You can take a steep and quick cable car up to the top and it has amazing views of the city.
That night we opted to get a night bus to Salento, about 8 hours away. Even though this would have been our 3rd night bus/flight in a week we strangely thought it was a good idea!



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