Colombia Salento

Salento is in one of the many coffee growing regions of Colombia. A beautiful tiny town surrounded by mountains and amazing scenery. Wandering around on the first day we spotted so many cliche Colombian Cowboys which looked very cool! The town featured a large square surrounded by bars with a large church. Tiny side streets were also covered in bars and restaurants, mainly selling trout, their speciality. We signed up for a coffee tour the next day at Plantation House, a small plantation owned by an English guy. He showed us around the plantation and showed us the traditional and modern types of coffee plant. Traditional was harder to grow and had a stronger taste, but modern was easier to grow and liked by the majority. He grew traditional as he liked it more, as did Tom. We also learnt that the beat coffee from Colombia is exported around the world, so the coffee in Colombia is actually the poor quality stuff! The following day we went to the Cocora Valley to do a 10km walk amongst the 80m high wax palms and to visit the Hummingbird sanctuary. We got a jeep from the main square and made sure to get there early as late comers had to stand on the back and hold onto the roof! We spent the first half of the walk admiring the wax palms from afar, wading through water and walking over very suspect bridges, some almost vertical! We saw so many Hunmingbirds at the sanctuary of all different colours which were very tame and let you get quite close to them! It started to pour down with rain so luckily we had some shelter here. Once the rain had calmed a little we carried on a walk up a very steep and now very foggy hill. Walking down amidst all of the wax palms was incredible and the fog gave it an eery feel which started to clear as we were walking.

Once back in the centre we went to book our transport to Medellin for the following morning. Tom had been learning Spanish from an app called Duolingo which used the word Manzana (Apple) for every example. As we went to book our bus we were asked when we wanted it, instead of saying Mañana (tomorrow) Tom happily said Manzana. The guy looked confused as we had just said we wanted the bus Apple. Maybe we had better keep practising our Spanish!





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