Colombia Cartagena

We got a flight to Cartagena from Medellin as it was cheaper and quick than the 15 hour bus. We had also planned to meet Lucy’s friend Emily and her boyfriend Ben who were just finishing their travels around South America. Cartagena was a beautiful small historical town set within large walls and featured many churches and a large castle. This was a main port and a main place for pirates to attack according to a local guy we met. The streets were all painted pastel colours and were very quaint and seemed like a very wealthy area. We met Emily and Ben that afternoon and had some beers at the castle whilst catching up about both of our travels.

That night we headed out to our first salsa bar! Emily and I were so excited, the boys not so much. Emily and Lucy had learnt salsa on a previous holiday so we had a small idea of what to do. Tom was not overly happy about salsa but we were soon instructed by a local guy who was keen to help us! I think there is a lot more practice needed!

The next day all with sore heads we headed to the Boca Grande beach. This wasn’t the Caribbean style beach we were expecting, but was still a beach! We all ate dinner together and Lucy and Emily had an emotional goodbye as we left.



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