Colombia Santa Marta

Santa Marta was only 4 hours away from Cartagena but the expensive hostel transfers meant we decided to get a bus ourselves from the bus station. Upon getting in the taxi the driver was adamant we should go somewhere else, using our patchy Spanish we managed to persuade him to get us to the bus station. We quickly got on a bus and all was going well. After about 2 hours the bus crashed into a lorry in front! We were moving very slowly so no one was hurt luckily but the bus didn’t move for hours! After about 2 hours another bus came to save us and finally got us to Santa Marta 8 hours after setting off! We quickly checked into our hostel and found a nice Cerviche place by the waterfront. It came in a cup full of prawns, fish and octopus with a tomato sauce, it was delicious. We wandered around Santa Marta on the large sea front with a small beach complete with a market and street food sellers everywhere. There was a large port at either side of the beach which slightly ruined the atmosphere of the small town. It was Saturday night and we soon discovered the street with all the fancy bars and restaurants on with fairy lights hung in the streets. These were all way out of our budget so we had a rum and coke in our room instead!
The next day we were adamant to find Lucy her dream Caribbean beach, so we took the bus to Taganga to catch a boat to Playa Grande. We were gutted, the beach was so crowded that we couldn’t even see the sand! We opted for a mountain climb to find a quiet cove with only fisherman and Pelicans around! Whilst this wasn’t the ideal, it would do for today and after a day in the sun we headed back, stopping for a beachside beer before walking back to Taganga. Just to mix things up, we went out for cerviche, this time to the sister restaurant of where we ate the night before. Again delicious food and again we walked around the sea enjoying Santa Marta.



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