Palomino / Tayrona National Park

We hopped on the public bus to get to Palomino, a small beach town 2 hours down the coast. We stayed in one of our favourite places yet. A small thatched roof room with open windows ran by a lovely French couple who made their own French bread which was incredible! There was a cute dog, a river basically in the back garden and the most incredible breakfasts! Palomino was a really lovely small town, with an uncrowded surfer beach. Even the beach sellers here were polite, bringing amazing snacks up and down the beach which were difficult to resist most of the time! We found an amazing Paisa restaurant where carta de la dia was only 10,000 pesos for a huge plate of delicious food with a mass of vegetables! Having enjoyed our stay in palomino we headed for the national park. Fearing a hammock shortage, we headed out early, power walked the first part and then ran around like headless chickens in the heat trying to find somewhere to stay. Once we settled we sat back and relaxed enjoying the beaches that we were anticipating. Blue water, clear sand and beautiful sunshine. We’d made it! Having relaxed the whole afternoon, the night consisted of cards, a cheap tea and swinging on our hammocks which were huge!




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