Colombia Minca

Sunburnt and blistered from the heat, we decided to try and hide away in the mountainous town of Minca. A bus from palomino, followed by a Collectivo and we’d arrived in the tiny town. A Collectivo is an old jeep filled with people who all pay individually, it’ll only set off one it’s full. Our cramped Collectivo included a leaking air con unit, and a cheeky stop off as a woman loaded a tv into the already rammed back of the jeep – not to be snobby but the tv was not a flat screen, and took us as much room as another person!

Once in Minca we felt we’d been duped that the weather was going to be cooler, we were hit with sweltering heat as we decided that it’d be a good idea to go on a little potter. Two hours later and we’d trekked up a mountainside in flip flops, enjoyed a scenic set of waterfalls, and managed to nearly get ourselves stuck after witnessing the beautiful sprawling views at sunset! Luckily a jeep picked us up to ensure a safe journey to the bottom of the mountain.
Day two, and we hadn’t learnt our lesson as we had another two hour trek (thanks to Tom’s inability to use Goolge Maps – the journey should have only have been an hour long) uphill, in the baking heat once again, this time we were searching for a cocoa farm to learn about chocolate. We arrived looking worse for wear (a young girl described us as looking like we were dead), but just in time for the tour where we saw the whole cocoa making process, from cutting the fruits to the roasting and grinding. More importantly we were made hot chocolates which were incredible. Our chocolate face masks also left us feeling younger!

After a refreshing walk down to the centre we were ready to catch our next Collectivo as we headed back to Santa Marta, before heading back to Bogotá. The travelling back was definitely improved by the lovely beaches next to Santa Marta airport, you walk in, check in your bags and then sit on the beachfront for an hour!


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